Luanda, 16 November 2020

Under ENDE’s HV and MV client’s georeferencing initiative, Gesto completed the implementation of a GIS platform for ENDE’s asset management. This platform allows ENDE the geolocation and registry of HV and MV clients, all electrical assets, such as overhead, underground lines, poles, substations, etc. It also allows to optimize technical inspections and prioritize customers and assets practical activities enhancing client management and KPI’s. It also allows to support all the commercial relationship providing inputs for billing software’s, CRM’s, etc.

This project, considered by ENDE as a critical project, in terms of maximizing revenue assurance and optimizing commercial and technical procedures, that will lead to a significant increase in the quality of service, has been underway since February 2020, and despite the current COVID-19 pandemic remains active, show casing ENDE’s commitment as well as the versatility of Gesto’s team to perform and deliver high quality outputs under any scenario.

The success of the project is heavily based on the deployment of Gesto’s proprietary asset management tools SGA® and LogActive®, which allows for the technical design of the layout of Power Lines, identification and registry of customers:

Gesto’s team in Angola has identified the location of ENDE’s HV/MV clients and ensure a close monitoring of its commercial relationship by merging information form ENDE’s SAP system and linking it to a Geodatabase with the ultimate goal to optimize client management.

ENDE, Asset Registration - 16Nov2020

Notwithstanding the current limitations, related with the COVID-19 pandemic, with already 89% of the 5.353 HV and MV clients duly identified, georeferenced and categorized, Gesto aims to successfully concluded the remainder of the works until the end of the year. With this project, ENDE will have access to the most powerful client registry database in Angola.

Along with the georeferencing, the categorization of clients relies on commercial criteria which allows to understand the location of non-paying, debt accumulative and unbilled costumers, so as to develop revenue assurance initiatives which have already resulted in an enhancement of ENDE’s financial performance, in this costumer segment.