Vietnam Small Hydropower Planning


Vietnam Small Hydropower Planning





Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and World Bank








In 2013 GESTO was awarded a 4 year Framework Contract with the World Bank Group itself (WBG) for the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) initiative “Small Hydropower Resource Data and Mapping Services” (Selection No. 1092748), establishing it as an eligible vendor for the WBG and one of the only three worldwide companies able to do so. Following this, Gesto has been granted the initiative “Small Hydropower Mapping and Improved Geospatial Electrification Planning in Vietnam” and is currently working with the Ministry of industry and trade (MOIT) on the implementation of the project.




This project’s objectives are the support of the preparation of a database and developing strategic planning guidelines for the Small Hydro in the Vietnamese territory, in order to strengthen the MOIT capacity in planning projects.





The project consists of two activities:


Activity 1 – Advisory services for building up a national GIS database for SHP. The objectives of this activity are:

  • To carry out an Inception Phase and draft an Inception Report
  • To design a GIS database for national information on SHP development
  • To produce the working report on the design of the SHP GIS database
  • Advisory services for compilation of data, digitizing and population of GIS database, in coordination with the parallel contract for the National Consultant


Activity 2 – Developing guidelines for improved planning of SHP. Regarding this activity, its objectives are:

  • To develop guidelines for review and planning of SHP
  • To test and fine-tune guidelines and capacity building of MOIT



  • Inventorying of mini-hydro projects
  • Creation of mini-hydro projects database
  • Field visits
  • Institutional sector assessment
  • Training and seminars