Solar PV Feasibility Study in Alentejo


Solar PV Feasibility Study in Alentejo


Portugal – Alentejo: Herdade Sousa da Sé



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Gesto Energy Consulting and Altura Advisory were selected by a private investor to perform an initial technical, economic and regulatory analysis on the potential of a future project in the Alentejo region, to the eventual realization of a potential investment project of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy.

The estate that will be home for the project has close to 1000 ha and is the property of the private investor and due to the alteration of the local territory management legislation in 2013 its land was made rural soil with potential for tourist occupation.




The objective of this project is to provide an initial response to regulatory, technical, urban and economic issues that involve each of the scenarios for solar projects in the project area, clearly identifying the feasibility of each scenario and recommending the following steps to take.




The Solar PV Feasibility study in Alentejo comprises the study of the project technical and economic viability, and also the scenario analysis and constraints for development mini-generation PV power plants.

As a complement to the main work, the project also includes the analysis of the potential of the investor advancing with an investment under the legal regime of Solar Micro-generation for the project area. This project includes the following:

  • The results of the radiation model were calibrated with data from the closest meteorological station, considering the effect of the topography constraints (shadings);
  • The existence of the a nearby meteorological station allowed a good calibration of  the project’s model;
  • Long time series of the station was available;
  • Low risk resource – low variability and uncertainty.



  • Scenario analysis and constraints for development a mini-generation PV power plant project
  • Local conditions assessment for the implementation of solar projects
  • Establishment of scenarios and grid connection project design.
  • Grid connection studies
  • Estimation of the PV yield
  • Socioeconomic feasibility Study of integrated tourism sustainable solution with renewable energy