Nigeria – Web-based GIS tool


Nigeria – Web-based GIS tool








December 2018



August 2019


Project developed for the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) within the scope of UNDP/GEF Derisking Renewable Energy NAMA for the Nigerian Power Sector Project.




To identify and collect all available data on spatial model and develop a GIS-based tool to identify practicable renewable energy sites and that can provide developers with geospatial information regarding those sites in order to develop renewable energy projects, namely solar PV and wind in Nigeria.

Project objectives:

  • Develop a GIS-based tool to guide private developers in sitting geographical locations for PV and wind projects across Nigeria based on several criteria, including renewable energy resource potential;
  • Develop an interactive GIS model that will guide investment in the electricity sector based on resource availability and least cost options;
  • Prepare technical and commercial feasibility assessment reports for deploying Solar PV and Wind technologies across various parts of the country.




Identification and mapping of wind and solar PV projects using the World Bank open source Global Solar and Wind Atlas, together with other GIS based layers, such as grid connection location and capacity, simplified environmental constrains analysis, land use restrictions, site accessibility and other restrictions.

Regarding the wind projects, GESTO uses WASP and Wind Farmer simulation software to simulate the location and production of the different wind towers for each project area. For the solar PV projects, GESTO uses the PVSYST modelling software to calculate solar farm yield for each specific configuration and project size. Projects are selected and ranked based on specific yield and related LCOE value.

GESTO present a base case of 20 wind farms (~2 GW) and 40 solar farms (~2 GW) and its pre-feasibility reports.

The GIS-based tool is developed to contain the selected projects including all its relevant high level details and information to help project promoters in sitting geographical locations for Solar PV and Wind projects across Nigeria.



  • Baseline Analysis;
  • Data Collection;
  • Database development and structuring;
  • Renewable energy potential evaluation and pre-feasibility Studies;
  • 20 Wind Farms (~2GW) and 40 Solar PV farms (~2GW) in Nigeria Pre-feasibility reports;
  • Development of web GIS-based Tool presenting PV and Wind Sites and its main characteristics.