Consultancy for elaboration of a Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Manual for the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy in Mozambique


Consultancy for elaboration of a Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Manual for the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy in Mozambique












MIREME is currently in charge of establishing the system expansion plans in Mozambique, forecasting demand and structuring/prioritizing the generation and transmission projects to be considered.

However, MIREME faces several problems regarding data collection and availability, which seriously hamper its ability to assess real needs of the system and greatly affects its forecasting tasks.

Among the problems cited, lack of consistency and credibility of data and lack of homogeneity between the data received represent the main hurdles. Besides that, there is currently some overlapping between competences since a clear methodology is not in place, and each body employs a different methodology for its forecasts, resulting in discoordination between agents.

These problems combined result in lack of consistency in the demand assessment and network expansion needs appraisal.




In order to tackle the data gathering problem, and to clearly establish the competences and procedures required for the elaboration of a sound systems elaboration plan, that meets international best practices, MIREME together with ENABEL contracted MRC and Gesto Energy Consulting to create a Manual for the Elaboration of The system Expansion Plan.

Such Manual needs to cover the data gathering process, the data analysis, drawing of conclusions, elaboration of the process and dissemination of the information. It will also clearly define the roles of each of the actors involved, as well as the reporting requirements for the agents involved in the Mozambican power sector. The assignment includes:

  • Assessment of methods currently used for data gathering and analysis
  • Identification of flaws in current methodology and recommendations for their solution
  • Drafting of the Manual for the elaboration of the expansion plan
  • Presentation of the results and help for its dissemination



The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) is responsible for establishing the Expansion Plans for the Energy System in Mozambique and, for this purpose, must, among other activities, carry out studies to estimate demand as well as structure and or prioritize generation projects, energy transport and distribution to be considered. However, issues related to the inexistence and unavailability of adequate data severely affect MIREME’s ability to develop the necessary Energy Planning processes. These constraints have, over the years, proved to be severe and mitigate the ability to identify and study the real needs of the system, which greatly affects MIREME’s ability to predict.

In view of these constraints, MIREME developed a Manual for the Execution of an Energy Planning Exercise in Mozambique, focusing on the Electricity Sector and which aims to explore the best way to develop the process of collecting, treating and analyzing data, creation of scenarios, elaboration, implementation of the process and dissemination of information, including conclusions and results. In this context, a diagnosis was made by the consultants, which resulted in the production of a report which allowed the understanding and identification of existing gaps at the level of the Energy Sector and in particular of MIREME in the realization and implementation of an Energy Planning process.

Therefore, and in order to respond to these gaps, recommendations were identified as part of solutions to be adopted in this process, presented through a Solutions Report that is attached to this Manual, and which should be part of the Planning, Monitoring implementation process and Assessment of the Energy Sector at MIREME.

The Manual on Planning for the Energy Sector was developed by MRC Consultants and Gesto Energy Consulting with financial support from Enabel and aims to serve as a guide for the development of the planning process by all MIREME employees involved in this activity and to support the interconnection with the various actors in the electricity sector that are not directly involved in this process. Thus, this Manual begins by presenting the current situation of the energy sector in Mozambique, then goes on to describe the Energy Planning process and the responsibilities of the Organic Units involved in the production of all the necessary information within the scope of this process.

The Manual also had the support and coordination of MIREME, through contributions from the Tutelage Institutions to MIREME and producers of data and energy information, namely Electricidade de Moçambique, E. P. (EDM), Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH), Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), the Energy Fund (FUNAE), the National Petroleum Institute (INP) and the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE), including the National Statistics Institute (INE).

  • Analysis of Existing Database
  • Analysis of Current Planning Process
  • Identification of Gaps and Constraints
  • Identification of Data Requirements
  • Identification of Stakeholders & Responsibilities
  • Review of Process for Data Collection
  • Planning Manual Design
  • Dissemination of Results