Mozambique Energy Strategy 2014-2023


Mozambique Energy Strategy 2014-2023





Ministério dos Recursos Minerais e Energia (MIREME)








Overall, Mozambique shows enormous potential in renewable energies, of more than 23 TW and thousands of possible projects, from small projects of rural electrification to the large hydro plants of the Zambezi river. Of this potential, about 7 GW, that is more than 500 projects, mostly hydropower but also wind, solar, biomass and geothermal, constitute alternative solutions for Mozambique’s electrical system to be considered and possibly integrated into future electricity network expansion plans.




The Mozambique Energy Strategy 2014-2023 intends not only to respond to the challenge presented by EIB of providing power generation scenarios for Mozambique and prioritizing currently proposed investments but also to deliver a road map defining potential paths for gas and power sectors development in Mozambique.




This strategy aims to increase access to diverse forms of energy in a sustainable manner, contributing to the welfare of the population and socioeconomic development of the country, strengthening the institutional capacity of the State to implement the necessary measures for the development of energy infrastructures. Accordingly, in order to respond adequately to the existing opportunities and challenges, the strategy consists of five vectors: Production and Transport of Electricity, Fuels Production and Infrastructure, Distribution and Access to Electricity and Fuels, Financing and Pricing and Organization and Institutional Capacity. This project include the following phases:

  • Scoping: data collection and review, including, but not limited to analysis of the findings of the existing mains reports and data, beliefs audits with key sector stakeholders (interviews);
  • Design: formulation of alternative scenarios and strategy vectors as well as the respective analysis;
  • Road Map: scenario selection, development of sector vision with investment prioritization.



  • Definition of strategic and main vectors scenarios for the energy sector of Mozambique
  • Analysis of existing studies
  • Interviews to stakeholders
  • Financing models
  • Energy sector framework