Innovative Rural Electrification System – IUNGO


Innovative Rural Electrification System – IUNGO





Africa Enerprise Challenge Fund (AECF)








IUNGO project, which has the name of the product developed, is motivated by the low rates of access to electricity in remote or low-income populations. IUNGO intends to provide accessible and sustainable energy to these communities, granting them the possibility of charging batteries, phones and small devices using a portable solar charger.




The main objective of this project is to provide accessible and sustainable energy to remote and/or low-income populations.




IUNGO Project makes solar energy affordable to the low income population in sub-Saharan Africa countries without access to electricity through IUNGO solar charger – an unique “industrial” solar charger of AA batteries, mobile phones, haircut machines and other appliances that have a USB port – and a distribution model that assists potential entrepreneurs (with preference to women) to create their own business while providing energy to their community.

The applicant will then rent the IUNGO solar chargers to the selected entrepreneurs, who will pay in return, a royalty by month, by day or by 2 hours service. By using IUNGO solar chargers, the entrepreneur will charge batteries, mobile phones and haircut machines. The entrepreneur will then sell to his community the services of battery charging, mobile charging (through the equipment USB port) and haircut or beard cut. Additional to the energy recharging system, we will distribute batteries and appliances to the entrepreneur so that he can also sell these to his clients. These appliances (LED lighting, flashlights, radios, AA to D Batteries’ adapters, emergency chargers, etc.) will work based on the AA batteries charged through the IUNGO solar charger.



  • R&D of an portable solar battery charger portable
  • Manufacturing of the equipment
  • Development of the business model for its commercialization and implementation in off-grid markets
  • Distribution, operation and monitorization in target markets