Electra’s Commercial Business Areas Process and Organizational Restructuring


Electra’s Commercial Business Areas Process and Organizational Restructuring


Praia (Santiago Island)



Cape Verde’s Water and Energy Utility (ELECTRA)








In Cape Verde, Gesto helped ELECTRA, Cabo Verde’s national utility company, in the struggle to contain and manage the current level of energy losses in the archipelago.

The scope of the project carried-out by Gesto focused on the creation of a new corporate organizational structure for the two companies (ELECTRA Norte and ELECTRA Sul) that resulted from the previews restructuring of ELECTRA. The restructuring of ELECTRA was achieved with the legal and accounting separation of the activities and the corporate establishment of two new organizations (ELECTRA Norte and ELECTRA Sul). The creation of these two new public organizations demanded the organizational redefinition of new organs, functions, processes and governance models.




Main goals of the project developed by Gesto were to restructure ELECTRA’s Commercial and Distribution Directions, in order to help the utility to improve performance and service quality.

This included:

  • Review of operational processes
  • Baseline situation diagnosis
  • Redesign of new organizational structure




The project consisted in the assessment of current Commercial and T&D organizational structures, procedures, processes, financial baseline and HR quantities and capabilities. During this process a new corporate structure for both departments (commercial and T&D) were design and implemented along with 50 plus new processes and procedures for the new organization. The new corporate organization of ELECTRA was designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the energy sector and relied on:

  • Definition of a clear corporate business structure
  • Operational optimization with focus on energy loss reduction and service quality enhancement
  • Financial strengthening of the company and reinforcement of investment capacity
  • Technological upgrade of the commercial and distribution systems
  • Pro-active management of external stakeholders

Gesto worked in 9 areas of organizational enhancement that where the focus of the restructuring project, namely:

  • Corporate structure design
  • Development and implementation of control mechanisms
  • Leadership
  • HR management and training
  • Corporate culture and change management
  • Corporate communication
  • Commercial Network processes
  • Transport and Distribution processes
  • Commercial Management System Accessibility (ERP)


 Example of ELECTRA’s restructuring project outputs



  • Redesign and update of internal processes
  • Skills and competences review
  • KPI definition
  • Specific training needs identification
  • Commercial area reorganization