East Timor Renewable Energy Electrification Plan


East Timor Renewable Energy Electrification Plan


East Timor



Secretaria de Estado da Política Energética do Governo de Timor-Leste








The growing population, along with the growing needs for electricity, led the government of East Timor to invest in the development of rural electrification plans based on renewable energy sources, through the mapping of renewable energies and identification of renewable energy projects along the territory.




The overall objective of this project is to develop, for the Government of East Timor, the Electrification Masterplan 2025 of East Timor based on Renewables Energies.




The East Timor Renewable Energy Electrification Plan consists on the thorough analysis of wind, solar and hydro resources (including wind measurement stations installation). With desk and site assessment for each renewable energy source, in order to evaluate its potential and elaborate a corresponding Atlas and, ultimately, identification of projects and the elaboration of feasibility studies.

Based on the identification of the power generation projects, this project included the design of the national electric grid, aiming for the integration of the identified renewable projects (stability studies, steady state, dynamic regimes, etc.).

The final output is an investment plan with the generation and electric grid development strategy to develop the electric grid in East Timor until 2025.



  • Evaluation and selection of sites for the implementation of hydro, wind, solar and biomass projects
  • Measurement campaign and characterization of wind resource
  • Mapping of renewable resources (hydro, wind, solar and biomass)
  • Identification, characterization and prioritization of projects
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies for the priority projects.
  • Renewable energy scenarios study (“Economic” Scenario; “Max Renewable” Scenario)
  • Macroeconomic impact analysis
  • Investment plans (production and transport network)
  • Definition of an action plan