Cabo Delgado RE Potential Assessment


Cabo Delgado RE Potential Assessment


Villages of Nerere, Nassoro, Palma and Quionga, Mozambique











The assignment is part of the client’s major project “Study aimed to investigate the opportunity to implement a Pilot Project oriented to electrify of a rural village (or cluster of villages) in Mozambique” where Gesto was responsible for the Geographical Information Systems and Renewable Resource Assessment for rural electrification.




This assignment included a desktop study and geographical database design for solar, wind and hydro resource for an area located in the Cabo Delgado province: coastal area between Palma and Pemba. The analysis was focused on the villages of Narere, Nassoro, Quionga and fisheries village in Palma.

In addition to the database, it was also included the potential mapping and site identification for rural electrification nearby the villages.




Geographical database was organized using Geographic Information Systems, which allowed solar, wind and hydro projects identification for rural electrification.

Data was distributed by SelfEnergy and it was also included relevant information for resources and projects analysis, for example, annual average of Global Horizontal Irradiation, photovoltaic potential, slope, protected areas, biomass increment, flooded areas, Modular Flow, among others (some of the data was provided by Mozambican entities and some was obtained by Gesto analysis).

For each village, potential for solar, wind and hydro and expected annual energy production were determined and mapped.

The results were provided in Google Earth files (.kml), as well as graphic layouts (.png files) that allow visualization of the different databases used throughout this project.



  • Assessment of renewable resources for rural electrification
  • Geographical database development
  • Renewable resources mapping (solar, hydro)
  • Mesoscale simulation (wind speed at 15 and 30 m a.g.l.)
  • Identification, characterization and prioritization of projects