Billing System Development


Billing System Development


Cape Verde



Cape Verde’s Water and Energy Utility (ELECTRA)








In Cape Verde, Gesto helped ELECTRA, Cabo Verde’s national utility company, in the struggle to contain and manage the current level of energy losses in the archipelago.

The scope of the project carried-out by Gesto focused on the creation of a new corporate organizational structure for the two companies (ELECTRA Norte and ELECTRA Sul) that resulted from the previews restructuring of ELECTRA. The restructuring of ELECTRA was achieved with the legal and accounting separation of the activities and the corporate establishment of two new organizations (ELECTRA Norte and ELECTRA Sul). The creation of these two new public organizations demanded the organizational redefinition of new organs, functions, processes and governance models.




Main goals of the project developed by Gesto were to restructure ELECTRA’s Commercial and Distribution Directions, in order to help the utility to improve performance and service quality.

Along with this restructuring, Gesto also conducted the various systems integration, as well as the development of a new ERP system to replace the outdated ELAG system for a new SAP IS-U platform, allowing for a real service quality improvement.




Gesto serve as PMO liaison for the implementation of a new ERP at ELECTRA. Gesto helped ELECTRA in the implementation of a new ERP based on SAP. Gesto was responsible for launching and accompanying the project of implementation of a new ERP. After adjudication of the project to a selected service provider, Gesto helped ELECTRA, during the duration of the implementation of the project, by assuring the PMO of the project.

Gesto’s work was particularly relevant in ensuring that software development was done in a way it would must suite ELECTRA’s needs in a ERP.

Gesto was also responsible for data mining and data migration between ELAG and SAP IS-U, as well as, responsible for the negotiation of a contract (SLA’s, etc.) for migration and implementation of ELECTRA’s database in a cloud service solution.



  • Commercial process analysis and Business blueprint document preparation
  • System requisites and functionalities definition
  • IT System procurement and implementation supervision
  • Database migration support
  • System tests and go-live support