Asset Management Software Implementation, Cape Verde


Asset Management Software Implementation, Cape Verde


Praia (Santiago Island, Cape Verde)



Cape Verde’s Water and Energy Utility (ELECTRA)








As part of the “Energy Loss Reduction and Power Quality Improvement Programme”, Gesto developed an innovative Asset Management Software.

Electra, the national utility of Cape Verde was faced with a set of issues regarding its operational e financial performance. This project was a very ambitious approach in trying to help Electra turn the situation around. One of the identified main issues was related with the absence of an Asset Management policy, process and tools.

Energy load Shedding and Blackouts were very frequent in Cape Verde, mainly due to lack of maintenance, old and worn down equipment’s, energy loss and fraud that damage the grid. Electra did not have a system or methodology for the development of grid and asset preventive and corrective maintenance, also track record of all assets was outdated and lacked very important information, such as geographic coordinates.




The larger project aimed at Loss Reduction and Energy Quality Improvement, which would not be possible without the development of specific activities which were crucial to ensure that those objectives were attained.

The main objective of the Asset Management Software Implementation was to develop and implement an innovative Asset Management System meet Electra’s needs of tracking and managing its assets.

The Asset Management System (SGA) is a tool that enables the utility to register all its assets, and subsequently manage them, while knowing in detail the exact location of each asset, their main characteristics/attributes and technical features.

This system allows the management of more than 40 types if assets, being able to be adapted to the reality and specific needs of any utility.




Gesto developed an innovative Asset Management Software that can be tailored to add value to any utility in the world.

The Asset Management Software (SGA) provides the following features:

  • Management of a complete database with all operational assets;
  • Record of the geolocation of all operational assets;
  • Registration of all technical and physical characteristics associated with each asset;
  • Consultation of technical characteristics and exact position (geolocation) of registered operational assets;
  • Optimization of the location of assets requiring intervention;
  • Optimization of the hierarchical relationship of the operational assets.

In this project Gesto developed the Asset Management Software and coordinated the georeferencing of all Electra’s assets as well as developed and provided Electra’s technicians with capacity building sessions on the usage of SGA.

The result was an innovative tool that completely revolutionized the way Electra manages its assets, as well as, established new policy and produce for the planning and execution of preventive and corrective management, as well as, a more accurate procurement management based on Electra’s real needs, with great positive impact on both the operational and financial performance of Electra’s.



  • ELECTRA’s assets structure assessment
  • Definition of assets correlation, dependencies and characterization
  • IT Software solutions development
  • System tests and go-live