Angola Off-Grid Mini-Hydro Pre-Feasibility Studies


Angola Off-Grid Mini-Hydro Pre-Feasibility Studies


Luanda, Angola



Ministério da Energia e Águas de Angola








The Government of Angola had the vision to bring renewable energy to isolated areas of Angola, with special focus in the Provinces of Cuando Cubango, Moxico, Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte. Given the remoteness of the villages in those provinces and its natural hydro potential, it is should be assessed hydro-based off-grid solutions for rural electrification. Thus, providing to the Government of Angola low CO2 emissions and low energy cost solutions when compared with thermal generation.




The main scope of the “Angola off-grid mini-hydro pre-feasibility studies” was the study of off-grid mini-hydro power potential in the Provinces of Cuando Cubango, Moxico, Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte. This included the identification and site visit to 12 locations, detailed feasibility study of 5 priority mini-grids based on hydro and support to the tender process.




The selection process was phased: based on the preliminary characterization of the initial 30 projects and associated mini-grids, the 12 schemes with better cost/benefit ratio are selected. In a second phase, visits are made to 12 selected locations where technical experts reviewed the conditions of each project. The site visit campaign counts with the contribution of the MINEA technicians as well as the regional offices.

Finally, the selection of the five best projects that could be subject to technical and economic feasibility studies (EVTE), for tendering preparation and project development.



  • Sites identification
  • Preliminary potential evaluation
  • Site visits
  • Feasibility studies
  • Support to tender process