Municipality of São Brás de Alportel continues to invest in environmental quality and strict financial management


Municipality of São Brás de Alportel continues to invest in environmental quality and strict financial management

Under the current period of crisis that penalizes the country in general and limits the performance of municipalities, faced with increasingly demanding challenges to achieve the needs of the population and ensure the quality of life of residents, São Brás de Alportel continues to invest in environmental quality, this time associated with rigorous financial management by implementing new mechanisms for energy savings.

During the usual period of closure of the covered Municipal Swimming Pool, a capacitor and a biomass heating system were installed, two important contributions to improve the sustainability of sports equipment used daily by hundreds of inhabitants of that municipality.

In 2011 it was installed a capacitor which allowed the reduction of energy consumption by offsetting the reactive power that required equipment need to operate, thus reducing the energy supplied by the power grid . The savings provided by this equipment is € 500/month which has been amortized in about six months.

Given that the useful life of this equipment is about 20 years, total estimated savings with the installation of this equipment is of € 110,000.00.

This was followed, in 2012 by the implementation of a biomass heating system in the same sports facilities in order to replace the diesel boilers, equipment that prevails in the local only to be used as a last resource.

This is a pioneer project in the Algarve, applied only in the covered Municipal Swimming Pool of São Brás, with very significant results in energy savings.

Biomass chosen for this purpose was the pellet, whose annual savings in terms of consumption are around € 60,000.00 relative to diesel. In addition to environmental benefits this investment took into account the dynamics of the national economy with the acquisition of the boiler and all the system, including pellets of Portuguese manufacture and production.

The biomass heating system combined with the use of solar panels ensures the heating needs of the pools through renewable energies, environment friendly.

Another control measure implemented was the installation of more than two dozens of astronomical clocks, all over the municipality. This system allows tighter control of public lighting, bridging some gaps identified in the previous ones used.

The current government is considering several measures to integrate the Municipal Budget for 2014, with the expectation of continuing this progressive strategy of saving energy and reducing costs.