Muki Solar



Grounded in our Vision, and built in our experience of more than 50 GW of renewable energy projects developed worldwide, in 2015 Gesto started the development of solar projects in Portugal.

Leading solar developer,

With a pioneer approach to solar merchant projects, and the goal to become a leading company in solar development in Portugal, Muki Solar was created. Currently Muki is one of the largest solar developers in Portugal


The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs. Being a CO2-free power source, the environmental impact of solar energy is significantly smaller than other energy sources, namely fossil fuels, and even other renewable sources such as hydro. This makes solar energy a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet many energy production targets and to solve the climate change challenges that the is world currently facing.


In the last decade, and due to technological efficiency gains, solar projects have evolved from a niche market of small scale applications towards becoming a mainstream electricity source. Currently, solar is the world’s fastest growing power generation source, thus leading the energy transition process towards renewables. At the end of 2018, world solar installed capacity exceeded half a million megawatts, which equates to about 100 GW of newly-installed capacity.


It is expected that by 2030 in Europe 20% of the electricity demand will be provided by solar power.


Given the good solar resource, technology cost reduction and EU’s renewable energy targets, Portugal solar market faced a development boom in recent years. At the end of 2018 the Portuguese Government released a new energy strategy that aims to produce 80% of renewably-sourced electricity by 2030. To achieve this, in February 2019 the Government approved a major programme through to 2027 worth 535 million euros to strengthen the grid so that it can integrate large volumes of renewable energy. The plan includes the construction of two major transmission lines to transfer the power generated by future solar farms in the south of the country to consumption areas further north.


Being one of the first companies that started developing solar merchant projects, Muki is currently one of the largest solar developers in Portugal.

Photovoltaic numbers in 2018, EU and Portugal

“122.3 TWh of

“7 606.5 MW of
capacity connected
during the year”

generated: 1 TWh

Photovoltaic capacity
per inahbitant (W/inhab.):
– Average EU: 223.6
– Portugal: 65.2

Connected and cumulated
photovoltaic capacity:
– Total EU: 115 GW
– Portugal: 671 MW

Installed and connected
– Total EU: 7.6 GW
– Portugal: 86 MW

Source: EurObserv’ER 2019


Portuguesa Muki avança com maior projeto solar no país

A Muki Solar, uma nova empresa liderada por um dos antigos responsáveis pela Direção-Geral de Energia e Geologia (DGGE), Miguel Barreto, entrou com um pedido, neste organismo, para licenciar cerca de 1.000 megawatts de projetos fotovoltaicos.

Muki Solar quer investir mil milhões na energia solar

A empresa liderada por Miguel Barreto quer licenciar 1.000 megawatts de projectos fotovoltaicos, escreve o Diário Económico. A Muki Solar entregou um pedido de licenciamento de cerca de 1.000 megawatts de projectos fotovoltaicos junto da Direcção-Geral de Energia e Geologia (DGEG).

Há mais uma central fotovoltaica – e ainda maior – em estudo para Santarém

Depois da notícia avançada ontem do estudo para a instalação de uma central fotovoltaica com 70 mil painéis solares em Alcanhões, a Rede Regional sabe que há um novo projeto, ainda maior, para instalação de uma unidade semelhante…

Antigo diretor-geral de Energia domina licenças solares

Nos últimos quatro anos Portugal licenciou mais de 1700 megawatts (MW) de nova capacidade solar, abrindo assim o caminho à construção de mais de 50 centrais fotovoltaicas de larga escala. Algumas já estão a operar, outras em construção e muitas ainda não saíram do papel.

Muki avança com maior projeto solar em Portugal

A Muki Solar entrou com um pedido na Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia para o licenciamento de cerca de 1.000 MW de projetos fotovoltaicos. Segundo o Diário Económico, o projeto representa um potencial de investimento de mais de mil milhões de euros.

Antigo diretor-geral de Energia cria quatro empresas no negócio das fotovoltaicas

Depois de ter feito negócio com a Galp, só este ano Miguel Barreto criou pelo menos quatro empresas para desenvolver centrais solares de larga escala. O empresário, que chegou a ser arguido no processo da EDP e de Manuel Pinho…