Maputo, 12 April 2021,


Gesto is part of the consortium that is currently evaluating the Energy Development and Access Program (EDAP), in which the government of Mozambique has connected thousands of households in rural Mozambique to existing networks. The EDAP program – a cooperation between the World Bank Group and the government of Mozambique has the goal to transform the lives of rural residents by making electricity affordable and readily available.

AFD has selected Gesto and Hydroconseil to formulate a credible and independent judgement on the key questions raised by the adequacy, implementation and impacts of projects. This will focus on specific aspects that Agence Française de Développement (AFD), and the contracting authority want to learn from because they are of key importance for the future.

In the framework of its ex-post evaluation mechanism, AFD evaluates the projects and programs it finances once they have been completed. This approach responds to AFD’s concern to promote an enhanced dialogue on the results with its partners, to learn lessons from past operations and to provide objective information on the proper use of the public funds which it is responsible for implementing.

As part of the project, Gesto and Hydroconseil will give a fair representation of the different legitimate views that have been expressed and carry out the evaluation impartially. In order to take into account the plurality of views, all the different project stakeholders were, whenever possible, associated with the evaluation process.

The purpose of the evaluation is to contribute to:

  • Organizational and operational learning of both AFD operational team in the headquarters and the agency in Maputo on the setting up, implementation and operation and maintenance of such projects;
  • The improvement of future similar operations in Mozambique and potentially in other countries;
  • The dialogue with EDM on the results of EDAP project and on the lessons learnt in the context of future similar operations.

The evaluation scope, of this project, is the EDAP project, and specifically AFD financed component (including civil works contract, technical assistance activities, training activities, E&S management).  The evaluation exercise developed by Gesto and Hydroconseil is based on a three-stage approach:

  • Structure the evaluation process;
  • Conduct the evaluative analysis;
  • Present the conclusions of the evaluative research and recommendations.