Gesto’s Assessment of Cabo Verde’s Geothermal Resources – A case study


Gesto’s Assessment of Cabo Verde’s Geothermal Resources – A case study

F.J. Martínez-Moreno et al. relied on the extensive and detailed study developed by Gesto, in 2010, for the development of the “Renewable Energy Atlas of Cabo Verde”, to publish, in the prestigious “Journal of Applied Geophysics”, an article about the water prospection in volcanic islands by Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) surveying. The article was accepted in the 15th of September of 2016 and was made available online four days later.

Gesto Energy Consulting developed the “Renewable Energy Atlas of Cabo Verde” in 2010, the development of the project made possible the Vision of a 50% Renewable Cabo Verde. The project was Gesto Energy Consulting after the Government of Cabo Verde announced they would pursue a strategy of 50% renewable energy penetration, on the national grid, by 2020.

While assessing the geothermal potential of Cabo Verde, Gesto Energy Consulting also conducted and assessment of wind, hydro, solar, municipal waste and wave resource potential and, planned the entire roadmap to achieve this ambitious goal.

The whole geothermal assessment developed by Gesto Energy Consulting can be found as the foundation of this article, particularly the geothermal potential of Fogo and Santo Antão Islands, the two only volcanic islands. Such evaluation was achieved by gathering several water samples and by conducting diverse geophysical and geochemical tests developed during a 2 months expedition in several MT and TDEM stations, through magneto-telluric and electromagnetic geophysics.

The two figures presented above, highlight the enormous geothermal resource potential of Cabo Verde, analysed through several MT and TDEM stations. For a more detailed perspective regarding water prospections, the article by F.J. Martínez-Moreno et al. is given below.

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