Gesto wins Rural Electrification Program for Senegal and Liberia


Gesto wins Rural Electrification Program for Senegal and Liberia

Gesto Energy, managed by Miguel Barreto, once more, enhances its presence in the African energy market. The new targets are Liberia and Senegal.

The Portuguese company is working on the Liberia Rural electrification strategic plan, a project gained in an international tender. With a population of nearly four million, this small western Africa country, surrounded by Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Guinea was until a few days ago in the spotlight, due to the Ebola epidemic that affected several countries near that region.

“ We were looking forward to the end of the Ebola crisis in order to start the project”, stated to Diário Económico the manager that, in Portugal, was the general manager of the Geology and Energy.

At the North of Liberia, Gesto Energy is preparing themselves to make one’s debut in the Senegalese market with a similar project of rural electrification plan. An initiative from the World Bank, whose respective field work is expected to occur this year.

“This projects have a medium dimension (under 500 thousand euros), however it is a area to invest, since the initiative Sustainable Energy 4 all is gaining relevance in an international level where Gesto is becoming the Company of reference”. Cited the CEO of Gesto Energy.

Promoted by the United Nations, the Sustainable Energy 4 all has the support of the World Bank. The main goal is to take sustainable energy to all the people, with emphasis to underdevelopment countries, promoting renewables energies and energy efficiency. One of the main working areas is the rural electrification.

“ In both projects we are working ,as Gesto’s subcontracted, with the Earth Institute of Columbia University that is one of the most recognized entity in the area of grid expansion planning in underdevelopment countries.” Cited Miguel Barreto.

Gesto Energy president underlines that “this projects come in line with the work done in Angola “Visão Angola Energia” for the Angola electrical system planning”.

Gesto today is present in seven African countries, where it is developing several projects. The countries contained on the list are: Keyna, Mozambique, Angola, Senegal, Libeira, Rwanda and Cape Verde. With the exception of the two last markets, the focus of Gesto work is in the rural electrification.

In Rwanda, Gesto is building a photovoltaic power plant, with a capacity of 10 MW, and a evaluation of 20 million of dollars, in Cape verde, Gesto leads a projects focused on reducing electricity losses on the distribution grid.

In Mozambique, the company started a new project, which consist in the revision of Mozambique electrification project started four years ago. The World Bank is now validating the sustainability of the project.