Luanda, 20 January 2020


Following the strategy set forward by ENDE’s Board of Directors and directly in line with the vision of ENDE’s CEO Ruth Cardoso de Almeida Safeca, the priority for Angola’s National Electricity Distribution Company is to ensure the implementation of revenue assurance methodologies.


In Angola, ENDE faces the difficult task of enhancing client management, especially in terms of managing the so called Big Accounts/Special Clients. This is made clear by the heavy burden which is upon ENDE’s Board that has inherited an outdated and incomplete database from clients of previous National Utilities ENE and EDEL. This raises questions to where the company’s biggest clients are located and in what terms is their energy consumption being invoiced.


ENDE’s Board of Directors has appointed PRA – Projecto de Registo Activos Project Manager, Dr. Celso Baptista to lead the newly created HV/MV Commercial Management Unit and selected Gesto Energy Consulting to support this new Directorate in the implementation of management enhancement activities and supporting the implementation of new client management methodologies to ensure an increased revenue stream for ENDE.


Gesto will therefore support ENDE in the implementation of an innovative revenue assurance project that will:

  • Identify, Locate and Geo-locate all its Special Clients (HV/MV Clients)
  • Support in the installation, configuration and parameterization of Smart Meters in the HV/MV clients
  • Implement Gesto’s asset management system (SGA) platform:
  • To specify and back the selection of a software tool to integrate the Smart Meter Management System with ENDE’s SAP billing software (IS-U)
  • Optimize operation processes and prepare the project national roll-out

The project will have the initial duration of 6 months with provision for potential extension based on project results, and will manage a specially created task force of 16 teams encompassing a total of 16 vehicles and around 40 ENDE technicians in a first phase.