Gesto develops Energy Efficiency Program for Appliances for Cape Verde


Gesto develops Energy Efficiency Program for Appliances for Cape Verde

Gesto was selected by UNDP and Government of Cabo Verde to address legal and regulatory frameworks, legislation and nationally coordinated policies in Cabo Verde to address the issue for energy efficiency in appliances. Energy efficiency is economically very attractive, however it has seen a slow uptake due to a number of legal, regulatory, institutional, policy, financial, and awareness barriers.

The project aim is to enable and facilitate market transformation leading to substantial energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions. The project implementation is estimated to result in direct emission reductions of 297.8 ktCO2e through pilot demonstration projects, minimum energy efficiency and water efficiency standards for buildings and appliances. The indirect emission reduction is expected to be nearly 703.9 ktCO2e resulting from replication and dissemination activities from project implementation. The outcome will be significant in supporting the country’s economic development, improving quality of life and leading to significant environmental benefits in accordance to the national plans and priorities. This is achieved through activities designed to support and strengthen the legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks, enhance the existing capacity, and raise awareness. The project will propose a new law and the introduction of a National Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Programme for imported domestic appliances thus resulting in significant energy savings.

The project, that started January 2017, is structured under a long-term support agreement, the will be reviewed yearly and will have the maximum duration of 3 years (until 2019). The first year of the project will include a number of activities that will culminate in the development and launch of the National Energy Efficiency Labelling Programme.

For the initial launch of the National Energy Efficiency Labelling Programme, 6 (six) different appliances will be considered for the initial Standards & Labels:


The proposed activities will develop a labeling program for appliances imported in the country, including design of informative labels, appropriate testing procedures, test facility accreditation, labeling threshold and program implementation methodology.


Government of Cabo Verde energy efficiency goals:

One of the goals of the new Government of Cabo Verde is to improve energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is key to ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system for the future. It is the one energy resource that every country possesses in abundance and is the quickest and least costly way of addressing energy security, environmental and economic challenges. While energy efficiency policies are becoming a key part of the global energy market, there remains vast untapped potential and Gesto is working with countries, such as Cabo Verde, to implement efficiency measures.