Luanda, 10 March 2020


Last week marked the beginning of a groundbreaking project for Empresa Nacional de Distribuição de Electricidade – ENDE E.P. Supported by Gesto Energy Consulting and based on the LogActive®, ENDE (Angola’s National Utility for Electricity Distribution and Commercialization) began the identification, inspection and georeference of its HV and MV clients.

After an intense 3 weeks, where the Gesto teams trained and prepared more than 40 ENDE staff which will be part of the technical teams involved in identification of HV and MV clients as well as the georeference and asset registry of all MV lines, the field works have now started under direct guidance and management of Gesto’s team.

The training of the teams was divided into a theoretical sessions and practical sessions and was aimed at the ENDE’s technicians that will be exclusively working for the Georeference and Registry of HV/MV Clients project lead by Gesto.

During the next 6 months, Gesto will support ENDE in the development of this crucial and highly innovative project aimed at revenue assurance with the support of Gesto’s proprietary tools such as LogActive® and SGA®, which will enable ENDE to identify the location of their HV/MV clients and ensure a close monitoring of its commercial relationship by merging information form ENDE’s SAP system and linking it to a Geodatabase to further optimize the management of their clients.

About SGA and LogActive


SGA (Asset Management System), is a software working tool developed by Gesto that enables any utility to register and manage all its assets, including the exact location of each asset, detailed characteristics, attributes and technical features.

The system is parameterizable, being able to be adapted to the reality and specific needs of any company

LogActive is a powerful georeferencing tool developed for Android smartphones and tablets that allows to register electrical assets, such as lines, substations, transformer stations, meters, etc.

Currently with more than 30 types of assets hierarchically structured, LogActive has the possibility of introducing and customizing new assets according with the client’s needs.

LogActive allows companies to register their assets utilizing their internal human resources (meters readers), saving money and time.

For more information: https://gestoenergy.com/asset-management-system/