Asset Management System


Asset Management System (SGA) is a software working tool that enables any utility to register and manage all its assets, including the exact location of each asset, detailed characteristics, attributes and technical features.

The system is parameterizable, being able to be adapted to the reality and specific needs of any company.


Management of a complete database with all operational assets and its hierarchical relationship


Registration of all technical and physical characteristics associated with each asset, including photographic report


Consultation of technical characteristics and exact position (geolocation) of registered operational assets


Optimization of the location of assets requiring intervention


Hierarchical relationship of the operational assets

Planning Department


Identification of all assets owned by the utility and their exact location


Detailed knowledge of the overhead and underground distribution networks and its operational assets


Identification of the exact location of all the assets belonging to the energy distribution


Commercial Department


Identification of the exact location of all electric and water meters


Updated register of all existing meters


Easy registration update


Integration with the Commercial Management System

Distribution Department


Integration with SIGR


Accurate identification of all customers fed by a substation


Optimization of the maintenance processes associated to operational assets


Optimization of intervention teams


SGA provides a set of functionalities that allow the company to know, both at the exact location and at the technical features level, the entire operational assets:


Geo-referenced, intuitive and “user friendly” interface


Easy assets creation and update process with data insertion validation through a customizable users’ profile hierarchy



SGA also allows:

Asset Search advanced tool


Search by Geographic scope, through the attribute, county, municipality and neighborhood


Search for specific attributes of each asset


Relational search for assets that have dependencies between them


Combined search (relational, by attribute and by location)


Visualization of search results on geo-referenced maps

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Integration with other systems


Import GPX format files


Export of search results to PDF and CSV format, providing the tables with all attributes of the assets resulting from the performed search


Export search results to GoogleEarth compatible format (KML files


Integration with Commercial Management Systems and SIGR


Scheduled exportation of CSV format files for third-party systems integration purposes


Example of assets search page and asset definition page:

Example of visualization of assets in orthophoto (different zooms):


SGA register tool: LogActive

LogActive is a powerful georeferencing tool developed for android smartphones and tablets that allows to register electrical assets, such as lines, substations, transformer stations, meters, etc.

Currently with more than 30 types of assets hierarchically structured, LogActive has the possibility of introducing and customizing new assets according with the client needs.


LogActive allows companies to register their assets utilizing their internal human resources (meters readers), saving money and time.


THE SGA APP: LogActive

The SGA georeferencing tool: LogActive, is an applicantion developed for android smartphones and tablets that allows Utilties to register and georeference their operational assets. LogActive also allows Utilities to support their costumers registration processes assuring high levels of accuracy and compliance.


LogActive is based in an complex structure of related assets, allowing the creation of a strong hierarchically organization engineered over a powerfull  database management system.

This solution is currently implemented managing more than 30 different types of assets and may be totally customized to the specific needs of each Company.

Android App

App Launch

Login Menu

Main Menu

Examples of existing types of assets:

Energy Meter



Distribuition Substation

Example of asset register workflow:

Asset Selection

Asset Characterization


Photo Record

(Portuguese version example)