Luanda, 14 December 2022,

“Gesto presents to high-level authorities in Angola, the Cuando-Cubango Energy 2040 – A Vision for the Electrification of the Province in Harmony with the Cubango-Okavango River Basin Master Plan”

Gesto developed for The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA),  the Cuando-Cubango Energy 2040, a study that presents a vision for the electrification of the province in harmony with the ecosystem of the Cubanbo-Okavango river basin. The project aimed to identify and study alternative paths or scenarios based on renewable energy for the future of Cuando Cubango Province in the 2040 horizon, allowing policy makers to choose the best path for the region and to identify the requirements to make the chosen scenario a reality.

After the project completion, and following the process of interaction with MINEA, TNC worked with the National Directorate of Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification, National Directorate of Energy and the Office for the Administration of the Cunene, Kubango and Cuvelai River Basins (GABHIC), in order to agree on positions and jointly define the steps to be taken with a view to presentation and analysis of the study by the different entities of the sector and other key stakeholders, it was agreed that the next step would be to hold an extended meeting for the presentation and analysis of the study with the involvement of other areas of the Energy and Water Sector, as well as the participation of other key actors.

The meeting, held in the 14 December, included the presence of the Secretary of State for Water (MINEA), the Secretary of State for the Environment (MCTA) and the Vice-Governor of the Province of Cuando-Cubando along with top-level executives from the various actors of the Energy, Water and Environment sector of Angola, including:

Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA)

  • RNT
  • ENDE
  • DNEE
  • INRH

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Environment (MTCA)

  • Secretary of State for the Environment
  • National Directorate for the Environment
  • National Institute for Biodiversity and Conservation

Provincial Government of Cuando-Cubango

  • Vice-Governor for Technical Matters
  • Technical Services Cabinet

Other entities

  • PNUD
  • ASAER – Angola Renewable Energy Association
  • MCA
  • WWF

ABOUT Cubango-Okavango River Basin

 The Cubango-Okavango River Basin (BHRC) is one of the largest remaining intact ecosystems on our planet. The headwaters of the river are located in the highlands on Angola and pass through sub-humid and semi-arid lands before concentrating its flow along the border between Angola and Namibia, eventually flowing into the Okavango Delta, one of the most extensive continental wetlands in the world. It is an ecosystem of global significance, home to abundant wildlife, including the largest elephant population in Africa, and supports the lives of 600.000 people.


Founded in 1951, TNC is a global conservation organization that has over one million members and is the largest environmental nonprofit by assets and revenue in the Americas. TNC Africa Program follows a holistic approach to protect vial lands and waters, transform the way natural resources are used and managed, and inspire others to contribute to the shared vision of a healthy and suitable future for Africa’s lands, waters, wildlife, and people. After consultation with Angola Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA), primarily through GABHIC and other directorates responsible for energy, TNC has engaged the expert support of the international team of Gesto Energy Consulting for the development of the Study Cuando-Cubango: Energy 2040 – A Vision for the Electrification of the Province in Harmony with the Cubango-Okavango River Basin Ecosystem. Gesto and VIG World have worked together in the development of the Angola: Energy 2025 study, which was a cornerstone document that supported energy development in Angola, and this will be used and updated for the Cuando-Cubango Province.